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Our philosophy is simple. This is YOUR journey. Our non-judgmental approach means you can feel confident in the choices you make as a parent. We are here to care for and support your family.

Our Family Care Professionals help care for your entire family, providing support and reassurance, consideration and comfort. As you and your body adjust to parenting we help you find your own way so you and your family thrive.

Meet Our Founder

Photo of Michelle Ellinger

Michelle Ellinger began supporting Madison area families in 2006, providing postpartum care for mothers and newborn infants. A decade later as the popularity of postpartum services grew, she recognized the need for a professional postpartum and newborn care doula agency, which provides comprehensive support to new parents. Madison Family Doulas is the first agency of its kind in the Madison area.

Twins, Triplets, or more in Madison

The news that you’re having twins, triplets, or more probably came as a bit of a shock to you, didn’t it? Your very next thought was probably something along the lines of “what are we going to do” or perhaps a bit more “colorful” language was utilized.
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Statement of Diversity and Inclusion

Madison Family Doulas prides itself on being a voice and a leader in our local community. With the events of recent weeks and months weighing heavily upon us, we felt it was time to speak out. It is our desire that the community of Madison know unequivocally where we stand on matters of diversity and inclusion. Read More