The Gift of Time: How Postpartum Care Can Help

August 14, 2017

A New York Times article recently came out about a scientific study from the National Academy of Sciences. It found that spending money to save time generated more happiness and stress relief than spending time to save money, for people across class lines. 

Their conclusions? Hire a maid. Order more takeout. Get help to run errands. Specifically, hire help for tasks that you don’t enjoy that will free up more time in your day. They even examined happiness levels in participants after buying material items as opposed to time saving services, and the gift of time won out. 

We’d like to add something to their list: hire postpartum care in Madison. Specifically, we think hiring overnight help should be added to the list. Time to sleep is the most valuable and coveted time for a new parent. 

Newborns and infants’ sleep cycles are much shorter than the sleep cycles of adults, and they will often wake in between them because they do not yet know how to bridge them. This often means that they will make noises and move frequently, waking their parents, even when they do not need assistance from an adult. 

Additionally, new babies eat every 1.5 to every 3 hours on average, counted from the start of one feeding to the next. Between burping, soothing, changing diapers, and lulling babies back to sleep, little time is left for exhausted moms and dads to rest in between. 

Madison Family Doulas’ postpartum doulas can take over all care of the baby in between feedings, and if your baby is fed by bottle, they can take over this task as well. This means that if you are breastfeeding, your doula will bring you your baby to feed, and then you will be able to go right back to sleep while they take care of soothing your baby and making sure they feel safe and secure. If you would like your doula to bottle feed your baby, you can sleep straight through. 

Many of the tasks the study encouraged delegating are things that our postpartum doulas assist clients with during the day as well. Our doulas run errands for parents, help keep the house tidy between visits from your cleaning service, prep meals, watch your baby so that you can shower in peace or answer emails (or take a nap!), and even attend appointments with you so that you can fully focus on what is in front of you while knowing your baby is in the hands of a professional. 

Give yourself the gift of time after baby, so you can focus on the joy of parenthood. Help from our baby experts is just a phone call away