Twins, Triplets, or more in Madison

October 20, 2017

The news that you’re having twins, triplets, or more probably came as a bit of a shock to you, didn’t it? Your very next thought was probably something along the lines of “what are we going to do” or perhaps a bit more “colorful” language was utilized.

Whether you’re ready or not, the babies will be here soon and multiples means more diapers, more laundry, more baby gear, more bottles, more love, more tears, and more snuggles than ever before. Along with that, there will be more stress and worry and it’s absolutely OK if you need to sit with that news for a bit until you can figure out what’s next.

Fortunately, for twin moms, twin dads, and parents of high order multiples in Madison, Wisconsin, there is a perfect solution to any worries about how you will care for your newborns when you return home as a bigger family.

This solution is simple and you’ve probably never even heard of it before!

Gaining popularity amongst parents that want the best for themselves and their children, is the evolution of modern day in-home newborn care and postpartum support; the Postpartum Doula.

A postpartum doula becomes the extra set of hands you wish you had all of the time. From helping parents prepare the nurseries, to teaching perfect swaddling skills, answering questions about all things breastfeeding multiples, or working some baby whisperer magic on your fussy babies. Unlike a “night nurse” or “baby nurse”, our doulas are specialized in delivering quality care for all families inside the comfort of your own homes. When having multiples, oftentimes others will offer to help but they sometimes just can’t help in the capacity you need them too.

Coordinating doula care for overnights may allow you to get more sleep at night if you wish or some helping hands during the day means you’ll be able to get more done while baby is safe and sound. No matter how you choose to use your hours with Madison Family Doulas, our presence means a sigh of relief and peace of mind that just maybe this twin thing isn’t so hard after all. ;)

MULTIPLES TIPS & TRICKS (from the pros at MFD)
-Color coordinate for identical twins by using the a colored nail polish on a toe nail and utilize that same color for that baby’s items
-Invest in a sturdy stroller that fits your lifestyle
-Join a local Twin Mom or Multiples group for parents in your area; a great way to get feedback from other moms and find a new friend. In Madison, Wisconsin, we have MAMOMs as a fantastic resource.
-Use lounger pillows to keep babies close by while you’re burping or feeding one of them
-Keep a small tub of water and oxyclean pre-mixed in the laundry room or bathroom to toss in soiled/stained baby items
-Use a stainless steel diaper pail to cut down on the stinky nursery
-Make time for YOU – you’ve got to be OK in order for your family to be OK too